Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities rethinking link people, places, and priorities with transparent clarity into the ever-shifting requirements of the workplace.

Roles and responsibilities have perhaps become the anathema (read curse) of productivity in the current age.

The CREinFocus Specialized Knowledge Platform™ brings that awareness and functionality into potential alignment as relates to enterprise financial performance of corporate real estate portfolios.

As you are seeing described throughout these website and blog pages, corporate real estate has many inter-connected, yet discrete, moving parts.

Management of the workplace, assets, operations, projects, the Total Cost of Real Estate™ (TCR™) related to 12 unique business disciplines, and the myriad of subset issues spread across thousands of locations in one or more countries – one soon runs out of space on the whiteboard to illustrate.

The CREinFocus platform recognizes this complexity and a more fundamental matter:

  • People connect with one another and make things happen (or not).
  • Technology alone is inert; however, it is a powerful enabler and transforming tool (or not).

To introduce our thinking about ‘Roles and Responsibilities,’ we introduce or reacquaint you with two entertaining story renditions:

  1. The classic comedic Abbott and Costello, Who’s On First, first performed in their 1945 film, The Naughty Nineties
  2. The more contemporary movie, Moneyball, which illustrates the coming of age of ‘The American Pastime’ with the evolution of information and technology

The fact that these two stories are about the ‘team sport’ of baseball is not coincidental. No two or five players can deliver victory. The collective energy of the team is required.

Six Sigma, with which many of us in the corporate arena are familiar, may be the light post for the integration of roles and responsibilities with process improvement and outcome management.

CREinFocus embeds ‘Role and Responsibilities’ dynamics into its platform and each of its product and solution offerings.

We are not changing the world. It has already changed. We’re just trying to stay in sync and do our parts!

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