Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics including benchmarking and trending costs reduce anecdotal mis-direction in decision making

In a wonderful book, The Two-Second Advantage, Vivek Ranadive and Kevin Maney masterfully discuss the future of technology being tied to its ability to behave more like the human brain.Most of what separates our brains’ capabilities from that of a computer is our ability to make quick and accurate predictions based on previously assimilated data.

One of the ways that technology will more closely be able to mimic these skills and serve our ever-present need for better decision making is through Specialized Knowledge Platforms™. Government, healthcare, education, et al . . . and real estate are too big and broad to be consumed and controlled. We think that our model for corporate real estate financial management can be replicated for hundreds (or more)  subsets. Think about the movie filtering of Netflix.

Science and technology frightens and intimidates more people than it should.

Here, unfortunately, is an example of ‘predictive analytics’ from a rear-view mirror perspective that we can all relate to – some more painfully than others.

Fair Market ValueExcessive exuberance in the demand and value of housing!

Taking the long view is always equally insightful than the more common myopic quarterly view.

Four simple relational data points.

  • Cost of money
    Building costs
    Home prices

This particular graph does not represent what transpired after 2005 until the financial crisis and debacle occurred in the fall of 2008 and which we are still encumbered with.

The rhetorical question is this, ‘With this sort of guidance indicator dashboard on your desktop would you have been buying or lending into housing in the time-frame of 2003 forward?’

At CREinFocus we are working to take the mystery and the mystique out of the science and technology and get the right and pertinent information to the heart and soul of each and every purchaser (in our case from the C-suite to the outsourced service providers closest to the work).

“But he has nothing on,” a child cried out at last.
Hans Christian Andersen 1837

If the adage is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, Hans Christian Anderson saw it clearly a long while ago.


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