Global Footprint

Global Footprint analysis including mapping the investments and components of spend creates a new way of global and local visionary and management oversight in a shifting and fragile world economy.

The question of where to be and why to be there has probably never been more important than in the current moment.

For global companies extending market reach for their products and services and managing the costs of those deliveries is now overlaid with many other risks, opportunities, and decision-making parameters. For nationally based companies expanding or contracting with their own boards, the implications change more rapidly than ever. Economic development is no longer the playing field it once was.

CREinFocus measures the financial performance of those locations existing and on the drawing board so that the other factors or risks and opportunities can be weighed and measured going forward.

While doggedly pursuing revenue growth or cost reduction goals, many companies alter their global footprint without enough thought about optimization or how the pieces should fit together. Also, they are often slow to adjust their footprint in response to changing market conditions.

The recent experiences of the financial crisis and a return to perhaps excessive exuberance is bringing footprint issues into sharper focus and prompting some companies to adopt a more strategic approach to how and where their assets are deployed.

Still, many companies continue to rely on the traditional approach that favors antidotal decision making versus benchmarked analysis.

What if there was a more pragmatic and systematized approach?

“You can’t make good decisions unless you have good information and can separate fact from opinion and speculation.” Colin Powell

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