Performance Filters

Performance Filters organize the myriad of tasks and uncontrolled costs into chunks of manageable components

At the core of what CREinFocus is bringing to the market in its software offerings is the distilling of companies’ big data in their real estate portfolios into “chunks” or categories of actionable information that will and illuminate cost-savings opportunities in real time.

By grouping various data points together into certain components of real estate, what was previously an unmanageable torrent of information that most executives could not bear to look at nor would even know where to start becomes a clear picture of where issues are in different parts of the portfolio and what needs to be done.

A fascinating sequence of events have led to discussions between some of the leaders of CREinFocus and TIBCO Software Inc., a firm that provides infrastructure software.

The correlation of thought and idea are both profound and evolutionary – much like two people who have never met and are singing the same song that has never been sung before.

“Early into my thirty-five years of developing, owning and managing a complex portfolio of real estate came the realization that you can’t manage real estate. But there are 12 components – Relevant Indicators™ – that together define the manifestation and maintenance of every single property. Manage those 12 components and de-facto the real estate is managed.” David Mills, Founder CEO of CREinFocus

“Chunking, then, is the creation inside the brain of super-efficient mental models that process events in a flash – and it is a huge factor in talent among individuals… If those chunked mental models are responsible for talent in humans, some version of chunking or modeling ought to be a way to build talent into machines.” Vivek Ranadive, Founder CEO of TIBCO with Kevin Maney in The Two-Second Advantage.

“Talented people don’t need to have a vision of the future ten years out or even ten days out. They need a highly probable prediction just far enough ahead to see an opening or opportunity an instant before the competition. That’s true for athletes, artists, businesspeople, or anyone in any field.” Ibid

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