Big Data

Big DataIn our global digital world where data literally doubles every 18 months, with that rate itself increasing exponentially, there is an urgent need for companies to access and filter their relevant data. The financial performance management of enterprise assets including corporate real estate requires timely and accurate data to inform decision making. Competitive advantage, and in many cases survival, is the outcome.

CREinFocus is a Specialized Knowledge Platform™ concerned only with managing the big data related to corporate real estate investments and operating costs.

In their book, The Two-Second Advantage, Vivek Ranadive and Kevin Maney call out the importance of technology beginning to behave more like the human brain, and being able to predict the future “just enough.” Our SaaS application, InFocus, is indispensable in being able to extract only the “two-second advantage” data from disparate sources, transform the data to actionable information, and filter it to responsible parties internally and externally for optimizing financial performance.

Across industries, regions, and companies large and small, executives report the exponential growth in data and ability to access critical information is creating very real business challenges. More than half of business and IT executives, 56%, report they feel overwhelmed by the amount of data their company manages. Many report they are often delayed in making important decisions as a result of too much information. Surprisingly, 62% of C-level respondents – whose time is considered the most valuable in most organizations – report being frequently interrupted by irrelevant incoming data.   Global Survey: The Impacts of Big Data, November 2010

CREinFocus, with its strategic partners, is bringing clarity to this ever-expanding chaos and opportunity.

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