Vision, Mission, Impact




A confluence of forces is changing the requirements of workplace/corporate real estate management with unprecedented velocity and exponentiality:

  • dynamic shifts in location and space requirements;
  • demand for financial accountability and transparency;
  • intense regional and global competition;
  • regulatory mandates (environmental and compliance);
  • cloud computing, Big Data, and predictive analytics.

So we asked the question:

Fixed AssetsWhat if there was a better way to manage corporate real estate assets and operations?

Then we set things in motion. The discovery continues with our book and intelligence network in progress, Workplace Hidden Opportunities.

How are we positively impacting all the participants in this vast, complex and disparate marketplace?

CREinFocus is continuing to invite the best and most passionate experts in the field to collaborate and partner in rethinking every aspect of corporate real estate from people (their roles and responsibilities) to processes (who does what, when and where) and technology (the Internet of Things).

TCRCREinFocus is developing a Specialized Knowledge Platform™ to transform the way large enterprises and their service providers navigate these requirements and maximize the financial performance of this vital yet under-managed asset class. The combination of software and services (yours and ours) address operating costs and investments in owned and leased properties with the objective of establishing a more informed and sustainable workplace.





If the vision and mission resonate with your passion, join us



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