Why Corporate Real Estate InTouch?

by David Mills on July 11, 2015

We are huge users and fans of LinkedIn! In fact, it is our primary go to tool for identifying subject matter expertise in the component areas of our business. What Reid Hoffman and his team have accomplished is nothing short of miraculous!

An important part of our business model and plan is focused on identifying and connecting the individuals and companies with this subject matter expertise. Our research to date indicates that there are 200,000 companies providing one or more of the services that relate to 12 management components that impact the ‘Total Cost of Real Estate’ (TCR™) for an enterprise’s corporate real estate portfolio. These companies serve 15,000 enterprises in 8 broad industry segments where their corporate real estate is ancillary to their core business.

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A recent review and search of LinkedIn groups that related to these areas was both startling and daunting. Here is what we found. 27,464 groups that ranged in membership from 2 to 500,000. How’s that for Big Data? The number of these groups is also growing more exponentially than linearly, which for our purposes compounds the challenge.

Corporate Real Estate InTouch was formed, not to usurp or replace any of these groups but, to identify and connect individuals and companies whose business is to manage one or more of 12 corporate real estate functions that have direct line impact on the financial performance of large non-real estate enterprises. We will be making this invitation available to as many of these groups as possible over time and hope they will see the value in connecting with us as we do with them. In short, this is yet another mission of CREi – to filter the vast amount of resources to steam line decision support and implementation initiatives of both portfolio companies and service providers.

One of the benefits of our network, postings and linkage to our website search engine is the unique filtering of exclusively corporate real estate information. We believe that as this critical mass of information grows it will be a huge benefit to you and your colleagues. Take a test drive and go to our home page and on the mast head you will see the search tool. There is already significant content which we hope you will contribute to. Key in an area of interest, i.e. ‘utilities’ and see what comes up. Or something more arcane, i.e. ‘Andreessen’ to see what Marc has to say about software and venture capital investments. Didn’t see something that you were looking for? Go to our contact us page and we’ll see what we can do to answer and index your query. These are some of the objectives of our Specialized Knowledge Platform (SKP™) for corporate real estate. The ultimate goal of this mission is to link these 200,000 subject matter experts with the 15,000 portfolio companies decision makers who depend on their services. Until we have captured a critical mass of the subject matter expertise, arranging the end-user interface is premature. We are continually looking for marketing and technology implementation partners to help build this ‘bridge.’

We have now become even more intentional in building this business intelligence with a primary focus on our book, Workplace Hidden Opportunities. We are inviting, interviewing and engaging with 100 subject matter experts to contribute their perspectives to this content and bring these insights to the marketplace. The book is targeted for publication in October of this year.



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