Should Big Company Executives Jump To Startups?

by David Mills on October 21, 2014

David and GoliathMaybe. But not if they are truly “big company” executives in their basic makeup. Of course, if you’ve spent your career to date strictly in big companies, it may be hard to tell what your true makeup is. That is really the rub.

Moving from a Corporate Job to a Startup is risky for you and it’s risky for a startup to bring in an executive with only Big Company experience. This is a jump that definitely can be made; I made it myself a while back. But it’s not a move everyone should make. So whether you’re a senior executive at a large company thinking about moving to a startup, or a startup investor/owner thinking about adding a very senior, high profile executive to your startup team–what are the things that make up the risk/reward equation? Here’s a few things to think about:

  • The longer you’ve done it, the harder it is to change
  • Different skill sets
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Comfort with ambiguity and making decisions with minimal data
  • Level of personal accountability
  • From a big company straight to startup CEO is the most DANGEROUS jump of all

Read more from Phil Morettini at Morettini on Management – Excellent insights Phil!

Public Private PartnershipsCREinFocus is currently interviewing candidates for several C-Suite and other important development positions. Phil’s observations ring true through our experience in the ever-ending exercise to delineate between leadership and management, entrepreneur and employee. We are at the stage of development looking for go-to-market leadership and entrepreneurial passion. If you would like to explore these possibilities and your expertise and interests are at the intersection of global corporate real estate and emerging technology please contact us. As this go-to-market phase takes hold management and employees will be vital.

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