Roundtable Inaugural Candidates Selected

by David Mills on July 16, 2014

Product and Services Ecosystem

We have now completed our selection process and personal invitations will be sent tomorrow via email.

Members of the Roundtable will be announced on July 31.

The Roundtable has been a vision since the first conceptualization that led to the creation of CREinFocus. If you look at the right hand navigation column on our blog you will see an organization of categories in four groupings. It is the overarching objective of the Roundtable to bring a new and informed approach to integrating these important disciplines into an information management platform and service network specifically for corporate real estate.

Component Puzzle PiecesWe were pleased to  have so many exceptional candidates nominated. We have now completed that selection process and personal invitations will be sent tomorrow via email.

Thanks to each of you who participated in this process.

Future members of the Roundtable will be selected by their active participation in the CREinTouch Network so we hope you will join us there and add your thoughts, ideas and comments.


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