PwC on Global Change

by David Mills on March 3, 2016

PwC Global CEO SurveyRedefining business success in a changing world
19th Annual Global CEO Survey
January 2016

How to lead in complicated times? That’s the question all CEOs are seeking to answer at a time of prolonged and continuing uncertainty.
As they look forward to the year ahead CEOs are less confident about prospects for the global economy than they were in 2015. The same is true overall when they consider their own company’s prospects for growth.
Many CEOs do still see opportunities but they are looking to play things safe. The United States and China are far and away the most important markets that CEOs identify as offering the best prospects for growth, with Germany and the United Kingdom some way behind. That said, CEOs also see potential in India’s bullish business attitude and in Brazil despite its current political and economic struggles. Potential new opportunities in Mexico and the UAE have also made CEOs pay attention in the last year.
. . . More disorienting still for CEOs is their growing feeling that our globalized economic and social fabric is fraying as divergent political, business, societal and cultural movements take hold. This is driven by digital technologies that have enabled people all over the world to be more connected, better informed, and as a result, increasingly empowered and emboldened.
. . . To successfully address the expectations of a super-connected and technologically smart society, companies are looking to technology (of course) for answers. Internet-enabled technologies continue to help companies innovate by creating more relevant products and user experiences for customers, while ‘digital native’ talent is now deemed essential for future business growth. Yet for all the technological breakthroughs in areas like customer insight and marketing, companies still struggle to create a business proposition that both drives growth and creates value for greater society.
Dennis M. Nally, Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited

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Global MapDavid Mills and CREinFocus LLC (CREi) have been developing a suite of intellectual property assets including information management tools, software, and service applications to address opportunities in the transforming workplace and corporate real estate markets. For a number of reasons David Mills is now seeking an investment, merger and acquisition adviser to sell and position those assets in the marketplace.

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