M&A Investment Banking Guidance

by David Mills on May 8, 2016

Shared ValuesToday we are sending introductory information and requests to twenty leading firms providing merger, acquisition, and investment banking services. Our search and discovery identified who we thought were point communication contacts in each as well as thirty-five additional colleagues whose background, expertise and current practice appeared to be a fit with CREi needs and objectives. The array of talent within this group is impressive and the volume of transactions phenomenal.

Like most industries today the workplace and corporate real estate are evolving in the midst of epic exponential change. We believe that now is the opportune time to move our developed intellectual property into the mainstream of the marketplace; and that these masters of M&A are the right companies and people to make this happen.

We are sharing this strategy and discovery publicly with the recognition that this is a big and broad market. If we have overlooked anyone that you think would be important to this process and evaluation, please let us know. Our

Download (PDF, 346KB)

and Executive Summary of the current status of CREi with these objectives is available to the public here on this website.

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