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by David Mills on September 3, 2015

First and foremost thank you each for your membership in the group and its subgroups!

Cover ImageAs you are aware from my posts here and on LinkedIn at large, the intention to raise the level of focus for the workplace and corporate real estate management remains the same, if not heightened. The navigation of the intention is ever subject to course corrections.
We have changed the name of the group from Corporate Real Estate In Touch to Workplace Hidden Opportunities. The linkage of the group to the book is to broaden the platform for ‘your’ voice to its appropriate audiences.

The re-branding of the group included a logo change (work in progress), synopsis and more granular description.

Synopsis: Workplace Hidden Opportunities connects individuals and companies whose business is to provide services to positively impact the financial performance of large enterprises where real estate is not the primary focus.

Description: Workplace Hidden Opportunities is about the dynamic shifting needs of designing and managing corporate real estate assets and operations in this time of velocity and exponentially driven technology, globalization and age-shifts in the workforce. In alignment with the book in progress by the same name it is a place to showcase your presence in the marketplace as either a provider or acquirer of these specialized services.
In building these groups we will collectively achieve the following:
– Creation of a specialized knowledge directory of corporate real estate subject matter experts [we haven’t been able to identify another (distilled) source].
– Provide a platform for members to collaborate with peers and expand their influence.
– Provide a platform for members to understand the global and geographic sensitive nature of their products and services.
By joining the parent group, Workplace Hidden Opportunities, you will be able to join one or more of the 18 subgroups that are appropriate to your business.

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We were astonished to see the number of LinkedIn groups that matched our topical focus areas. Need an example of big data? This should do it.

The LinkedIn organization structure establishes requirements for ‘groups’ and ‘subgroup’ hierarchies. A group can have up to twenty subgroups. Membership in the subgroups is contingent upon membership in the parent group. These constraints do not ideally align with our own design structure but the incredible power and agility of LinkedIn far outweigh these ‘plumbing’ issues.
If you are interested please look at our topical index that aligns to business disciplines. This is an example of the dichotomy of trickle down and power up. ‘Which one is right,’ we ask. ‘Both in their appropriate time and place,’ we are shown throughout history.
Our immediate objective is to have 18 subgroups: 12 Total Cost of Real Estate™ (TCR™) components; 5 Information and Consulting Platforms, 1 Enterprise Portfolio Managers.

The current subgroup structure has been reduced (at present to 12) and house cleaning on name changes et al are in progress. We are inviting those interested who would like to become insiders and managers of these groups to submit their interest.

As we are making these adjustments I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and recommendation that you have to make this particular network more meaningful and fruitful for you.

Thanks, David

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