Corporate Development Strategy

by David Mills on February 23, 2016

StartupsInnovation has become a core need for just about any company in any industry.

The recent surge in M&A activity means that corporate development teams are working harder than ever. The catch is that hard work may not be enough. To create successful transactions, today’s deal environment demands new levels of creativity and forward thinking from corporate development professionals.
Whether the question is where to find targets, how to structure terms, or when and what to communicate with shareholders about a transaction, one sure answer is that what worked yesterday may need to evolve and adapt to an increasingly fast-paced and ever-evolving environment to succeed tomorrow.

Deloitte Corportate DevelopmentCorporate development strategy – Thriving in your business ecosystem, published by Deloitte University Press January 20, 2016, is an excellent paper with survey results and observations that highlights the dynamic shifts in corporate development strategy being driven by the demands of the connection economy.

Kudos to Chris Ruggeri, Sara Elinson, Ken Kirschner, Tony Blanchard, and the entire Deloitte team for this timely and insightful study!


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