Culture is the Greatest Tool

by David Mills on March 9, 2015

The best employers in the U.S. say their greatest tool is culture Milton Moskowitz and Robert Levering in Fortune Magazine Leaders of the 100 Best Companies to Work For know the secret to business success isn’t just about earnings, but about creating an ideal culture for their employees. This year’s ranking of the 100 Best […]

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A Lesson from the Geese

by David Mills on December 16, 2014

In April 1997 Timm Stubbs and I were driving to Watkinsville, GA. Timm was the Director of Corporate Real Estate for Fred’s, a discount retailer headquartered in Memphis with about 400 locations when we met. He became enthralled with my interest in software for corporate real estate and was working with me to help buy […]

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CREinFocus Welcomes Mark Nicholls as CEO

by David Mills on February 19, 2014

Mark Nicholls is a globally adept, collaborative executive who inspires teams to create dramatic business change. He is distinguished by his unique ability to apply analytics to human problems. Mark thrives on large scale business challenges where anticipation of long-term consequences is essential. He leads with clear vision and expectations while taking into account divergent […]

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Change With Confidence

by David Mills on April 24, 2013

I attended my first NACORE (now CoreNet) symposium in 1997 and during registration had an enlightening discussion with a veteran Director of corporate real estate. He introduced the concept that there were three corporate real estate perspectives and that they were driven by whether the enterprise was growing, slowing, or status-quo. It was a valuable […]

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Thought Leaders

by David Mills on October 11, 2012

“Master Mind” is a term defined by Napoleon Hill in his definitive work, Think and Grow Rich. The book was re-released in 2004 by the Napolean Hill Foundation with some excellent annotations and updated examples by the editors. One such commentary distinguishes between Hill’s definition of Master Mind and ”teamwork.” “Teamwork can be achieved by […]

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These excerpts from a March 21st article on leadership by Brenna Sniderman at Forbes Insights is particularly relevant and timely to the colleagues at CREInFocus as we are in the midst of a search to identify leading subject matter experts and innovators in various components of corporate and commercial real estate for our ‘Master Mind’ […]

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