Seth Godin

What was, What is, Now what . . .

by David Mills on May 31, 2016

. . . or are you a long-divisionator? Seth Godin has a unique ability to distill issues and illuminate choices. When someone handed you a calculator for the first time, it meant that long division was never going to be required of you ever again. A huge savings in time, a decrease in the cognitive […]

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The Power of a Provocative Question

by David Mills on December 8, 2014

Seth Godin launches this second week in December with just such a series of questions in his blog post this morning – What’s next? What does a good day look like? A good week? Who do you want to work with? Who are you trying to please? What sort of feedback brings you down? What’s […]

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Responsibilities in the Connection Economy

by David Mills on November 5, 2014

Seth Godin captured my attention in his blog post this morning as he often does. It resonated on a couple major levels for me; 1) the information management SaaS company we are building and 2) the dependency we have on many other information and communication tools and service providers that are part of the infrastructure […]

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Skeumorphs = Failure

by David Mills on April 20, 2013

If you read yesterday’s CREinFocus blog post Spreadsheets, Old Tech, New Tech then you will appreciate Seth Godin’s blog post this morning which follows. For as long as I’ve been in digital media, skeumorphs have annoyed me. The original CD ROMs, for example, often had a home screen that started with a bookshelf, and you […]

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