LinkedIn Group Name Change

by David Mills on September 3, 2015

First and foremost thank you each for your membership in the group and its subgroups! As you are aware from my posts here and on LinkedIn at large, the intention to raise the level of focus for the workplace and corporate real estate management remains the same, if not heightened. The navigation of the intention […]

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Why Corporate Real Estate InTouch?

by David Mills on July 11, 2015

We are huge users and fans of LinkedIn! In fact, it is our primary go to tool for identifying subject matter expertise in the component areas of our business. What Reid Hoffman and his team have accomplished is nothing short of miraculous! An important part of our business model and plan is focused on identifying […]

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The Nexus of CRE and CRE

by David Mills on November 7, 2013

For those of us engaged in the worlds of commercial and corporate real estate their definitions are not always clear and the points of distinction and intersect are not so simply expressed (as evidenced in a LinkedIn group discussion earlier this year). This is not made easier as commercial real estate is referenced by the […]

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