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by David Mills on October 11, 2012

“Master Mind” is a term defined by Napoleon Hill in his definitive work, Think and Grow Rich. The book was re-released in 2004 by the Napolean Hill Foundation with some excellent annotations and updated examples by the editors. One such commentary distinguishes between Hill’s definition of Master Mind and ”teamwork.”

“Teamwork can be achieved by any group–even one whose members have disparate interests–because it requires cooperation. In teamwork, people might simply be cooperating because they like the leader, or out of a sense of duty. Some of the team members will give 100 percent to any team that pays them enough, but they have little concern about the objective. And sometimes there is a good teamwork because different members have different agendas. A board of directors may disagree, even be unfriendly, and still run a business successfully. Musical groups are made up of notoriously self-centered people who work as a team if it will help them get ahead.

Master Minds, on the other hand, are formed of individuals who have the same agenda, a deep sense of mission, and commitment to the same goal. Master Minds represent the highest order of thinking by a group of knowledgeable people, each contributing their absolute best according to their own abilities, expertise, and background. If you have ever been a part of a meeting when everything just clicked, and ideas built upon other ideas, with each member contributing until out of the group activity came the best possible idea or solution, that was a Master Mind at work.”

As you read in ‘Relationships: People and Programming,’ CREinFocus is seeking to build a Master Mind and no two individuals exemplify that more than two Roundtable members, Jonathan Tsao and Mike Slevens.

We introduced Jonathan last week in a blog post with a brief interview regarding his role as founding Co-Chair of the Roundtable. Read that here . . .

We will be introducing Mike in a similar format next week. In the meantime, you might enjoy knowing about Mike and his property tax practice at Tax Recourse LLC.

These two ‘renaissance’ individuals represent subject matter expertise and leadership upon which CREinFocus is building its Specialized Knowledge Platform™.

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