Spend Management

Component Puzzle PiecesInForm is a series of discrete cost savings and spend management projects led by Subject Matter Experts in the particular disciplines of total cost of real estate (TCRâ„¢). In addition to driving hundreds of millions of dollars (perhaps billions) to the bottom line, InForm will further benefit the client by:

  • Integrating non-core competencies with the enterprise
  • Improving management of roles and responsibilities
  • Moving to an ‘integrated source of truth’
  • Providing the ability to measure and manage investments and recurring operating costs more precisely
  • Enhancing shareholder value and employee performance bonuses

In fact these initiatives can lead to an even more sustained benefit for the enterprise.

Outsourcing business processes for managing infrastructure and other real estate-related costs aligns with most C-Suite key objectives:

1. Control general & administrative costs (SG&A)
2. Increase focus on vital objectives by decreasing focus on non-core activities
3. Achieve best-of-class results without the investment of building the capability internally

If you are a subject matter expert addressing one or more of the pieces of the puzzle illustrated, please consider joining our Corporate Real Estate InTouch group and the appropriate subgroups on LinkedIn and get on the inside track of this network.


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