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“There is an unrealized opportunity to decrease operating expenses and improve shareholder value and profitability through improved management of real estate and workplace assets. This is due to the absence of the following: an awareness of the potential available, a single ‘source of truth’ containing reliable and complete data, a performance measurement system, and a rigorous management approach based upon financial performance targets. A recent report by CoreNet Global surveyed 100 firms regarding space utilization offers some relevant information. The report revealed that utilization rates range from 45%-65%. This means that at any moment on average, 55% of the existing office space is vacant.”  (For more information, upload the report, “Real Estate And Facilities Management Solutions.”)

InSight 12 Weeks at a GlanceInSight provides a comprehensive view and analysis of all owned and leased properties. Relevant information (previously hidden and vital to decision-making) will be exported from various internal data sources including the general ledger, payables, location databases, document systems, and other sources containing real estate-related information. That information is captured and consolidated into our SaaS application, InFocus, with the primary benefit of visibility to previously hidden and critical decision support information.

Benefits at the earliest stage of the engagement are profound. InSight provides the client with the ability to:

  • Leverage the value of current ‘disparate data’ without installing new software or adapting existing processes to quickly identify what vital decision support information is readily available or is not.
  • Gain a fresh perspective from new business intelligence created by the automated InFocus application calculations, such as every financial value reduced to dollars-per-square-foot.
  • Understand the relative impact of Relevant Indicators™ – 12 vital components of real estate-related costs on the balance sheet and income statement.
  • See historic and current costs reflected in a way that enables trending and predictive analytics for better decision making.
  • Possess a single repository with transparent views to responsible parties for driving down costs and improving time-to-delivery action plans.

This access to and transformation of data to information will:

  • Unleash the executive leaders and managers with the timely information (financial and non-financial) needed to manage corporate real estate-related costs effectively;
  • Align the thinking and management of key processes related to corporate real estate, including roles and responsibilities within each discipline (e.g., strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, management reporting, and performance management of the 12 Relevant Indicators™) with input on best practices from the country’s leading subject matter experts;
  • Enable improved communications, integration, links, coordination, and reporting among business units and outsourced service partners that generate, manage, or process corporate real estate-related information, actions, and resulting costs.
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