CREinFocus maximizes enterprise financial performance by improving the integration of people, processes and technology.

Specifically our software and services will:

  • decrease operating expenses;
  • increase revenue from renting or selling underutilized space;
  • improve investment decisions and asset management.

Our Specialized Knowledge Platform™ improves the performance of four distinct groups – the C-Suite, the Real Estate and Facilities Suite (RE-Suite),  Managers and Staff, and Outsources Service Providers – and as a result the enterprise at large.

The elements of our platform include:

SaaS Analytics

InFocus maximizes enterprise financial performance with relevant, real-time metrics readily available in easy to use formats.

Business Intelligence

InSight provides a comprehensive view of the portfolio’s impact on enterprise financial performance.

Spend Management

InForm delivers millions of dollars to the bottom-line.


InAlign enables continual cost reductions, optimal procurement and improved investment decisions.

Industry Social Network

InTouch accelerates the connection of buyers and sellers of products and services.


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