Meter Monitoring Nets Millions: Nine Case Studies


Issue: Repositioning a 49 account, 72 million kWh per year, Commercial Real Estate Portfolio after the market fell to a 10-year low.

Result: Annual savings of $680,000 (13.5%) versus the prior contracts, $910,900 (26%) versus the projected default utility rate.


Issue: A retail center’s electricity costs were higher than at comparable facilities. They wanted to lower energy costs through deregulated energy purchasing options, but energy quotes were considerably higher than comparable facilities.

Result: Client received a $3 million refund. Future billing was corrected, saving $250,000 annually going forward.


Issue: Client was entering utility bill data into excel spreadsheets. Client retained EnergyWatch to provide Watchwire services.

Result: Watchwire discovered the supplier billed greater consumption (380,000 kWh) than the public utility in two service periods. Client recovered $38,000.


Issue: EnergyWatch assisted a financial services firm in receiving an energy incentive program that resulted in savings of an average of $3 million per year. While tracking the savings, EnergyWatch noted that after the first few years the savings were deteriorating.

Result: EnergyWatch moved the client to an alternative incentive program and the client gained an additional $1.3 million of savings per year vs. the original program.


Issue: An airline was paying more $ per square foot for its office space than comparable spaces.

Result: Client received an $800,000 rent credit. Future bills were reduced by 35%.


Issue: A large commercial landlord retained EnergyWatch to review its utility invoices.

Result: $109,000 credit from the utility due to corrected LMEP credits.


Issue: A commercial landlord retained EnergyWatch to audit water and sewer invoices.

Result: A sewer credit for 3 cooling towers from the DEP in the amount of $116,000 and annual savings of $190,000.


Issue: Procuring Electricity for a Commercial Real Estate Portfolio in a volatile market.

Result: Annual savings $770,000 (13%) savings versus budget.


Issue: Electricity procurement for a nine property commercial real estate portfolio with properties in three geographic locations.

Result: $2 million, 30%, year-over-year savings on 9 property portfolio.

Details of each:

EnergyWatch is a customer advocate company founded on utilizing their energy purchasing knowledge and expertise to maximize the energy savings for their clients. The corporation is wholly-owned by its principals. They advise on energy purchases, but defer all final purchasing decisions to their  clients. The principals have vast experience purchasing deregulated electricity and natural gas, as well as fuel oil and renewable energy.

EnergyWatch is headquartered in New York, NY.

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