Portfolio Performance

Portfolio Performance management is the art and science of making decisions about the investment mix of own versus lease, matching investments to objectives, and balancing risk against performance. This occurs not only at the decision point to acquire but is a recurring process to measure the location performance both from its production capabilities and its cost and net income generation. It also encompasses the disposition of under-performing or no-longer-needed locations.

Corporate real estate portfolio management is all about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the choice of lease vs. own, domestic vs. international, and many other considerations encountered including the anticipated duration of the need for the location.

Unlike equity managers, who research companies and manage the probabilities that they can execute their articulated strategies, real estate managers must help define and execute on property-level opportunities. So, real estate asset management, unlike traditional asset management, requires experienced individuals who can optimize the value of properties through both superior transaction and location-specific property management execution. This role is not typically an identified responsibility within large enterprises where real estate is not the core business.

In the world of Corporate Real Estate there is a significant gap between the practical demands of use and occupancy and the need for increasingly efficient financial performance management. Within large corporate enterprises, governmental agencies and universities – whose primary business is not real estate – this gap can unwittingly conceal the opportunity for these enterprises to discover and drive hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars to their bottom line. Corporate enterprises often don’t recognize this gap, or if they do recognize it, aren’t sure how to deal with it, creating significant risk and impediment to financial performance. Analytics & Visualization: The Next Big Thing)

Case Studies

  1. Simplification Program Nets $20M Annual Cost Savings

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