Subject Matter Expertise

“Chunking, then, is the creation inside the brain of super-efficient mental models that process events in a flash – and it is a huge factor in talent among individuals… If those chunked mental models are responsible for talent in humans, some version of chunking or modeling ought to be a way to build talent into machines.”

The Two-Second Advantage, ©2011 Vivek Ranadive and Kevin Maney

Component Puzzle Pieces“Early into my thirty-five years of developing, owning, and managing a complex portfolio of real estate came the realization that you can’t manage real estate. But there are 12 components (chunks), that we call Relevant Indicators™, which together define the manifestation and maintenance of every single property. Manage those 12 components and ‘de-facto’ the real estate is managed.” David Mills

With human healthcare, issues might lay benign until an exploding need for attention occurs. The issues that surround and embed every location in a corporate real estate portfolio are equally ever-present and put either a positive or negative impact on the balance sheet and quarterly performance of the enterprise.

There is no more vital aspect to the financial performance of an enterprise corporate real estate portfolio than the quality and integration of its outsourced service provider subject matter expertise and as a result central to the CREinFocus business model.

CREinFocus helps clients understand the roles and requirements of the ‘team’ as it exists today so that it can be optimized for the current season and beyond.

Perhaps the vintage Abbott and Costello skit, Who’s on First, illustrates the need. If that doesn’t resonate try the more contemporary clip from the movie, Moneyball.

We are inviting thought leaders and best practitioners to become a part of this emerging ‘Component Subject Matter Expertise’ network and want to outline what we think are a few of the compelling reasons for connecting here.

  1. Provide you with an independent third-party endorsement and exposure to a growing audience of executive decision makers inside Fortune 500 companies
  2. Provide a pulse on your peers through the eyes of others
  3. Open new channels of access to projects and relationships
  4. Precisely provide leads to immediate cost savings project needs
  5. Energize your sales and implementation teams with additional support

If you would like to be a part of this network and have case studies, white papers, videos, or other media that distinctively addresses one or more of these 12 component business disciplines please become a member of the Corporate Real Estate InTouch LinkedIn group and its sub-groups which are appropriate to your business focus.

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