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Visualization, as can be seen throughout this website and software application, is is becoming as important as language and other forms of creative expression to communication and the transfer of ideas, commerce and making sense of the most tactical business processes and decision making.

CREinFocus is building a library of graphic images and art for current and future use with links to their creators and copyright holders. It is our meager way, at present, to promote the arts in a way that we hope can grow into a major philanthropy.

Our intention for this page is to provide a resource center to promote those artists and solicit other emerging artists, illustrators, data visualization specialists interested in conveying their visualizations about the concepts and topics we are addressing in our business. For us this is the creative merger of language and visualization and we believe important for refreshing and enlivening much needed new concepts for living in the current time.

We are in the process of requesting permission and/or licensing the use of the images on the website.

We are also in the process of commissioning the creation of our own portfolio of images, art and illustrations to further these purposes.

Our first such endeavor was to create icons for the twelve real estate related components we refer to as Relevant Indicators™.  We were introduced to Jane Kleinschmidt and she created those branding elements for us as well as collaborated in the design of our logo.

If you are looking for a great collaborator on an imaging project you couldn’t do better. Jane can be reached at her studios, Kleinschmidt Art and Design.

Much of the art we have found using Google searches of ‘images.’ One such image we are in the process of seeking permission to use (this website went live this week) can be seen on the home page slides. While that is in process we want to highlight an incredible artist whose 2006 work ‘Chunking’ is reflective of the one of the core aspects of our software and business intelligence development. Greg Stewart’s work is mulch-dimensional and diverse. A tour of his work at Greg Stewart will no doubt enliven and inspire and you can reach Greg there as well.

We haven’t yet figured out how to organize and index these works and will be working with our artists and collaborators in the weeks and months to come to figure out that other dimension of our information management.  Bookmark this page and comeback often when you need a dose of inspiration for your soul.

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