CREinFocus (CREi) is about the evolution of information management, in our case, a Specialized Knowledge Platform™ focused primarily on the financial performance of corporate real estate portfolios.

The Louvre, Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institute, and more recently Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are all channels of content created elsewhere for users with special interests. CREi, like these prized institutions and enterprises, is filtering and making available in a unique way a global storehouse of knowledge and information in an area that has important socio-economic and business importance.

We are proud to present and promote the accomplishments of thought and best practices of others that are framing and building this emerging workplace.

Like the family physician who knows when to call in specialists or the sports coach who knows how to assemble and make adjustments to the team requirements, CREi provides a dynamic framework of analytics and resources to be available in time and on time for evolving requirements and needs.

By constraining and disciplining our focus to the issues described here and on other pages in this website, we think we are creating a unique, useful, and beneficial platform to connect you with your desired audiences in the domain of corporate real estate.

If you have stories, case studies, white papers, videos, or other media that distinctively address one or more of the 12 components that together represent the Total Cost of Real Estate™, please consider becoming a member of Workplace Hidden Opportunities.


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