InSight is a portfolio-analysis and systems-integration engagement that is broken into three four-week periods.

In the first period:

  • We capture and consolidate decision-support data from our client’s internal financial and location systems.
  • We import that data into our SaaS application (InFocus) to display readily available and missing information.
  • We identify existing roles and responsibilities (internal and external) for the 12 components of our client’s total cost of real estate.

In second period:

  • We present performance metrics and cost outliers to the client team.
  • The client team provides whatever missing data has been identified.
  • InFocus dashboards display the size and scope of potential cost savings.

In the third period:

  • We review the findings with the client team and our subject matter expert Roundtable.
  • We prepare cost-savings proposals and a 12-month action plan for refinement of InFocus.
  • We present the plan to our client’s senior management team.



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