End Users and Service Providers

Fifteen thousand enterprises have corporate real estate portfolios ranging from a hundred to tens of thousands owned and leased locations. In the corporate and commercial real estate industry these companies are often referred to as end users. We use that term and ‘portfolio companies’ interchangeably.

Within that universe, eight broad CREi defined industry segments have unique but common needs for aligning their real estate exposure with their operational objectives and priorities. These segments are banking and finance (which includes insurance and real estate companies); healthcare; hospitality (including restaurants and hotels); retail; manufacturing and distribution; communications, information, and entertainment; government (including municipal, state and federal; and universities.

Industry Segment Enterprise Count

CREi Filter of Dun & Bradstreet

Two hundred thousand companies ranging from geographically focused small businesses to Fortune 500 global companies provide an array of real estate related services for these portfolios to their clients’ internal corporate managers. We refer to these service providers interchangeably with outsourced service providers (OSP). These services can be categorized in 12 distinct subject-matter disciplines that collectively determine a  clients’ Total Cost of Real Estate™ (TCR™) and, ultimately, its financial performance.

TCR Components

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Members of the portfolio companies and service providers are invited to become part of the Workplace Hidden Opportunities (WHO) intelligence network.

Integrating the perspectives and needs for people, process and technology of these interdependent individuals will provide a collective business intelligence never before seen.

The current and growing demand for financial performance analytics, cloud applications, visualization tools, and the management of big and bad data – combined with a fragmented market and disparate interests – are the current primary focus in bringing the WHO intelligence network onto the landscape.



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