by David Mills on July 5, 2016

W100 LogoThe Workplace100™ (W100™) is first and foremost a subjective listing of the author. This subjectivity warrants the readers (and named W100 individuals) understanding of the criteria for their selection.What follows is written from personal perspective.

As a lover of food and wine I will use the metaphor of a Louisiana-style roux. If you are unfamiliar this description will get you up to speed. The W100 is a roux, not the roux!

So there you have it – a distillation or cook-down of hundreds of millions of individuals involved in the workplace/corporate real estate marketplace. Reduce that to the hundreds of thousands of executives and managers; and then reduce that to one hundred! It makes a roux look simple which it is clearly not. Get the best kitchen gear, ingredients, recipe and have at it. You will quickly discover art not science.

W100The W100, and its exposure, is representative – not exclusive. Some of the individuals are acknowledged and celebrated names in the business world, others are influential executives of global brand name companies, and others still are what I like to refer to as the unsung heroes in the trenches that make the world go around. If I am able to create a description that reflects the vision of my mind’s eye it will resonate as the connectedness of yin and yang. Most of these folks are multi-dimensional in their efforts and accomplishments. To that dynamic the list does not link any individual to the twenty-five topics of the study or the four representative perspectives we are trying to capture.

When this list is published on the book’s development site here the acknowledged W100 will, like you, see the list for the first time.

The first criterion of the W100 is that their inclusion was significant and influential to the reader understanding the breadth and depth of this marketplace. Some of these are people I have had deep business relationships over decades, some for a matter of years, some only virtually or with social media interactions, and others purely from reputation and research. They each share two attributes: the surprise at this acknowledgement of the W100 their inclusion; and, my appreciation for their accomplishments.

The second criterion is that the reader could access their public profiles. For most a profile on LinkedIn and significant connections there was a requirement. That gauge was validated recently with Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn. The exception to the LinkedIn public profile was significant other Google links.

The third filter, and this will be too fuzzy for many of you, is the way the individual’s personage resonates with me. My intuition indicates each of these people have high positive impact potential for mankind and the planet now and in the decade to come.

The final measure was that no expectation, of mine for them or theirs for me, would exist.

The book will have a companion website makes the agility and timeliness of these recognition fluid for expansion and contraction as circumstances suggest. Our focus in this study is not attempting to predict the future but to understand the present and impact its opportunities.

Significant impacts on the workplace and corporate real estate live beyond the bounds that traditionally define their parameters. For that reason twenty-five percent of the category focus for the book includes five business disciplines that are impacting every aspect of our socio-economic activities. We have bundled these for lack of a better overarching description, technology, as represented in the illustration above.

The classic discovery/learning process – what, when, where, how, who, why, with two newer addition favorites, how much and what if – exist today for their elementary elegance. This study puts ‘where’ front and center. All the explorations and discovery of the other questions, by necessity, must fabricate somewhere. To test the proposition, posit the where question to your understanding of the following litany American experiences: Christopher Columbus in 1492, Declaration of Independence 1776, Louisiana Purchase 1803, Gettysburg 1863, Transcontinental Railroad 1869, Wall Street Crash 1929, Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945, I Have A Dream Speech 1963, Moon Landing 1963. Does that reframe your thinking about the workplace and corporate real estate?

The W100 and their cohorts have a lot of important stuff on their plates. Stay tuned for their announcement on July 11th 2016.

PS Great Britain voted June 23rd 2016 to exit the European Union.

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