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by David Mills on August 3, 2016

We announced the completed list of W100™ Honorees on July 31st.

Alan Bertram acknowledged, in a graciousness that has been emblematic of those we have heard from, ‘Proud to be included alongside such esteemed company.’

As promised there would be a follow-on message to provide preliminary high-level demographics of the W100. I think like anyone involved in the creative process we can get our nose so close to the canvas that we can’t see what drove us there in the first place.

Circles of InfluenceA quilt-like representation of the W100 is an expression of infinite possibilities.

As described in the announcement, ‘not in any order of importance’ demographics of the W100 reflect:

  • 7 countries
  • 43 broad geographical headquarters locations
  • 89 companies or enterprises
  • 100 role distinctions including 35 in the Csuite, 41 Executives, 13 Managers, and 11 Outsourced Service Providers
  • 100 Primary Focus disciplines including 42 Technology, 49 Components of Real Estate, 9 Industry Specific
  • 27 End Users and 63 Service Providers
  • 7 in the employ of the Fortune 500 Sixty

Eighty TwentyDistilling the selection of the W100 was no small task given the volume of existing and emerging innovators in the space. After the first announcement of the W100 Eighty on July 12 and the requests for nominations (see the Eighty Twenty post) the list blossomed with individuals about whom I would not have been aware. That awareness has been growing exponentially.

W100 LogoWorkplace Hidden Opportunities and the W100™ is a journey filled with campaigns, not a travel itinerary with a known destination and pit stops. An unanticipated outcome from the creation of the W100 is the idea for the WHO 500™ which will accomplish multiple impacts for all concerned.

  • Expanded intelligence, discussions and collaborations centering and spawning from twenty-five topical issues
  • Leverage for the product and service creation and distribution of the W100 and the WHO 500
  • A powerful tool in the HiddenOpps platform including the book and companion website

More on that later as that idea takes on form and substance with thoughts and input from our W100 colleagues.

Once again congratulations to the many accomplishments and good works of the W100!

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