Corporate Real Estate Profiles Available Now!

by David Mills on July 7, 2015

Design Partner CandidatesWould you like to know about how these 60 companies report on their corporate real estate properties?

If the answer is yes, you can have that information in your inbox with next day delivery!

The Profiles are available individually, by industry, or for the entire composite of 60.
Here is a sample of what you will receive (we selected a company that we love and think most of you can relate to).

The price for an individual profile is $250. This is approximately 1/3 of the cost to identify, capture, filter and format the information, if you know the questions to ask and how to access the information sources.

The price for each industry segment of 10 profiles is $1000 ($100 each).

The price for the entire composite of 60 is $3000 ($50 each).

This offer is being made in conjunction with our book development and crowdsourcing campaign.

How to Purchase
Determine your desired purchase
For an individual profile select – $250 – Individual F500 Profiles
For industry segments select – $1000 – Industry Specific Leaders
For the entire composite select – $3000 – Global Workplace 100
Contact David Mills or 615.671.4311

We intend to offer Profiles of other publicly traded companies at $500 in the near future. If this is of interest, please let us know.

WorkplaceAs part of building the information management platform at CREinFocus a deep dive understanding of how companies were currently managing these complex portfolios of owned and leased portfolios with myriads of vital issues was necessary. Layering our in-depth interviews and work with hundreds of companies we decided to create the Profiles on 60 leading companies in 6 different industry segments (described and linked above). The results were enlightening (as you saw in the sample) and are being used as topical points of reference for our book in progress, Workplace Hidden Opportunities. We are now expanding the discovery to the broader marketplace of subject matter experts and looking forward to having those of whose passion and interest is in corporate real estate join us.

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