CREinFocus Welcomes Craig Wetter

by David Mills on December 1, 2014

Craig WetterCREinFocus (CREi) is thrilled to announce the addition of Craig Wetter to the management and development team. Craig is assuming the dual roles of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Manifestation Director (MD).

Craig comes to us with a rich 25-year background in a large variety of Engineering, Development, and Management functions. 21 years of Craig’s experience was with Corning, Inc. in the following high tech, high growth business divisions: Display Technologies (10 yrs), Telecommunications (8 yrs), Photonics (3 yrs), Photovoltaics – New Business (1 yr).

Significant Process and Product Innovation was the focus of all of Craig’s experiences with Corning and being “good with data” was a critical skill. Craig is an expert in formal innovation processes and six sigma methodology including their application to new business development. This sort of process rigor and experience with big data makes him well suited for the COO position with CREi at this moment in its growth.

“It’s the same challenge, just a different process,” Craig shared. “Not just one process, but, lots of them. The seemingly countless number of processes associated with having large corporate real estate portfolio is an exciting undertaking. It represents the same significant challenge of starting with large amounts of disparate information (data) and trying to bring into focus what’s important so it can be managed. Our customers are large enterprises including Fortune 500 companies, universities and government agencies where real estate isn’t their main reason to exist. What’s important to them is minimizing their true cost of the real estate while maximizing the value of this asset class for the enterprise so they can focus their resources on their true mission. This is an exciting merger of cost reduction initiatives and value creation in the most direct practice of using data to make better decisions.
I’m also excited that our approach to developing our product and services are via establishing partnerships. You see, it’s not just about “big data.” It’s about the powerful combination of big data and a community of experts with a vision to innovate their industry. We’re inviting participation and partnerships with like-minded visionaries. It’s a smart way to develop a product and I’m happy to be part of it.”

Craig and AnellaDavid Mills, founder and CEO, addressed Craig’s dual roles. “We have seen a shift in what we call things and how we name them over the past few years. This reflects the dynamics of change that we are all experiencing on every level. For a company like ours that is developing an innovative approach to historic ‘bricks and mortar’ issues fused with technology, what could be more appropriate. Craig and his wife, Anella, are leaders in expressions (thoughts, words and actions) of behavioral science, quantum physics and neuroscience. For me Craig’s combined roles of COO and MD are as natural as being and doing.”

“The manifestation process,” Craig asserts, “is simply aligning your thoughts and emotions to the end result you want, instead a result that you don’t want. It’s something I enjoy speaking about and teaching in workshops. So, one of my roles with CREi will be to keep our collective energy focused on the end result we want for our company and our customers, and keep us from being distracted by things we don’t want.”
If you would like to connect with Craig and see more about his background, please visit Craig Wetter on LinkedIn.

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