Beta Invitation . . .

by David Mills on October 7, 2016

. . . Management Teamsfor select beta test members at Workplace Hidden Opportunities

We are building a platform including an intelligence network, book and companion website to help evolve and support the workplace and corporate real estate community and all those participants that make the ecosystem operate. The platform is now live and ready.

Our immediate objective is to make sure the registration and subscription forms and links are functioning properly.
Next will be to refine and streamline access to members and content.
Third will be to hear your thoughts on the developing content (public and member exclusive).

In exchange for that help we will waive the first year subscription fee as described on the Membership page.
We trust that these few select beta memberships will provide immediate value to your initiatives and exponential value to your presence in the marketplace.

More on all of this if you decide to accept the invitation.

RSVP or 615.720.6694

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