Anniversary Acknowledgments

by David Mills on September 6, 2017

Thank you for acknowledging my sixth anniversary as founder of CREinFocus!

While anniversaries have the common element of marking time, each one is unique in the content of the days between. This particular anniversary has been especially meaningful for me. Here is a bit about what’s happened.

The development of Workplace Hidden Opportunities, both the community network and the book in progress which we call by their shorthand WHO and HiddenOpps, has afforded new relationships around the globe with individuals extraordinaire.

Exploring LinkedIn groups for related focus and connecting with their owners provided me with a new world perspective where the terms, workplace and life, are interchangeable.

Creation of the Global Eighty enterprise list (in progress) invokes a WOW experience at every turn.

The rediscovery and use of The Elements of Style by Strunk and White has been supplemented with a valuable app, Grammerly, and a much needed guide to my writing.

Speaking of platform tools, technology, and apps – simply put, WHO would not occur without them.

All of these enlightenment’s raised health to a higher level of focus and My Fitness Pal emerged which takes information management to a whole new level.  

One WOW experience leads to another and reminds me of the quantum physics revelation that changing the way we look at things changes the things we look at. Most would agree the time could not be more ripe for thinking and behaving in some new and better ways.

I hope you will join the network and let me know how I can help your initiatives.

So thank you again!


A Blessing Upon Work, Pat Bergen, 1999
Spirit of the Living God,
Bless the work of our hands, our minds, our hearts.
May the work offered be a reflection of all that is good with us.
In planning, creating, doing.
Grant us the courage to patiently listen for the stirring of your presence.
Grace us with joyous moments in the midst of daily routine.
Enliven our spirits with humor.
Fill us with reverence for one another and gratitude for our diversity.
Nourish our spirit with the awareness that work is holy.
May unity, beauty, and truth be the fruit of our labors.

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