Research and Development

More than ten years of research and development, the great recession, and a major technological shift have all contributed to an evolved – and we believe – timely set of software and services.

In hundreds of companies, including those shown here, consistent and significant issues and opportunities have emerged:

  • Disconnects between the departments of finance, real estate, operations, and IT
  • Inadequate access to decision support information
  • Lack of cost management analytics and financial performance governance of owned and leased real estate assets
  • Sarbanes-Oxley liabilities due to data quality and integrity in the general ledger

These are all, or have been, leading enterprises in their respective industries.

The commonalities are several, the most pronounced is that real estate is not the core function of these enterprises.

Now layer that with a world and socio-economic order in the midst of dramatic shifts, the emergence of the Internet age, big data currently doubling every eighteen months, and new tools and capabilities to help navigate those specialized requirements; and you have a recipe for great opportunity.

Nothing that we have developed would have been possible without the incredible trust, sharing of information and processes at every level of the organizations from their C-suites, to the RE-suites, to the departmental managers and staff, to their outsources component service providers.

We look forward to rewarding these enterprises and individuals with our our services.

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