Products and ServicesCREinFocus is developed on five fundamentals about corporate real estate:

  1. You can’t manage what you can’t measure and focus is the key to success according to Peter Drucker;
  2. Corporate real estate is for most large enterprises the second largest grouped expense and investment and if not managed successfully will cause undesirable consequences;
  3. Excess capacity or inventory of real estate space reduces shareholder value by the value of the excess; under capacity restricts revenue growth and profitability;
  4. Spend management of real estate investments and operating costs are vital to profitability;
  5. Creating meta-data (loosely defined by Seth Godin in his blog as data about data) to the vast amounts of real estate-related data creates enormous value to the people who desperately need it.

Real estate portfolio financial management is not a core focus of the titans of global business and other large-cap enterprises including universities and government; and the installation of guidance tools and processes adds tremendous and unprecedented value across every industry sector to reduce the spewing billions of dollars in unnecessary expense and enhanced redeployment of vital currency to critical core missions.

We are currently engaging with potential M&A advisors, investment bankers, and joint venture/development partners.

If your experience and interest in the cloud, big data, predictive analytics, data visualization, and the core focus of a Specialized Knowledge Platform™  for the workplace and corporate real estate asset class are compelling we invite you to connect with us.


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