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Business IntelligenceWorkplace Hidden Opportunities (HiddenOpps) is a book in progress with a companion website that examines the evolution of corporate real estate and focuses on these workplace assets and operations. Significantly it creates a live and ongoing platform for subject matter experts and thought leaders who are shepherding the dynamic change and evolution we are all experiencing. The site went live on August 22, 2016.

CREi has built information management tools that leverage current technologies and service offerings for transforming the way large enterprises think about, control costs, and more effectively manage the financial performance of their owned and leased real estate portfolios. The primary market is enterprises where real estate is not the core focus of the business and the service providers that help them manage these assets and operations.

Products and ServicesWe are now reaching out to leading investment bankers and M&A advisors to explore options for the sale of the company, its intellectual property or reorganization. The value of these assets has been estimated to represent end user sales of between $1B and $4B annually. These estimates are based upon delivery by leading product and service providers in the space. More detailed information is available at our dedicated M&A Advisors Page. We look forward to your inquiries.

Recent disclosures by Macy’s and Credit Suisse point to the timeliness. The needs of these two companies are representative of the challenges manifesting in these corporate real estate portfolio companies and their service providers.

The CREi Specialized Knowledge Platform™ combines business-intelligence software with specialized advisory services to maximize financial performance of corporate real estate portfolios and addresses many of those issues. Analyzing Total Costs of Real Estate™ (TCR™) is a core element of the IP focus on this large asset class.

Corporate real estate is a massive, vital and under-managed asset class, given the:

  • inherent nature and complexity of its commercial real estate exposures;
  • disparate skill-sets, incentives and behaviors of stakeholders and vested parties;
  • corporate focus on other core-asset classes of the business; and
  • price and cost volatility of goods and services in an ever fluctuating global marketplace.

As a result there is a significant gap between the daily demands of use and occupancy and the need for increasingly efficient financial performance management of this asset class.

Closing this gap requires the harmonious integration of technology, processes and people, including four distinct groups: the C-Suite, the Real Estate and Facilities Suite (RE-Suite), Managers and Staff, and outsourced service providers. The marketplace and many of its key thought leaders and practitioners have awakened to this reality and are working to close the gap.

HiddenOpps is created to provide a platform for its members to further those initiatives. You are invited to consider joining us.




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